Friday, 21 March 2014

MISSING MH370: Largest 'object' sighted is 24 metres

MISSING MH370: Largest 'object' sighted is 24 metres

CANBERRA: The largest object sighted in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is 24 metres (79 feet), with a second, smaller object also spotted, Australian authorities said.
“The objects are relatively indistinct. The indication to me is of objects  that are of a reasonable size and probably awash with water and bobbing up and  down over the surface,” said Australian Maritime Safety Authority official John  Young.
“The largest ... was assessed as being 24 metres. There is another one that  is smaller than that.”--AFP

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) general manager John Young speaks during a press conference on the search for the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in Canberra, Australia, 20 March 2014. Australian planes have been diverted to the area where 'possibly related' objects have been seen from satellite imagery on 20 March 2014. An Australian Orion maritime surveillance aircraft had been dispatched and was expected to arrive on the site within hours. 'HMAS Success is on the way and equipped to retrieve any object from MH330', Young told reporters in Canberra. Australia has sent HMAS Success to examine and possibly retrieve debris found 2,500 km south-west of Perth, Australia, in the southern search area for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. EPA/DANIEL MUNOZ

Source : NewsStraitTimes


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